Ceramic Coating

Our Mission:

To provide the greatest paint-correction, protection, and mobile maintenance services to your vehicles. Our ceramic coating is the most advanced and up to date product on the market. Providing a guaranteed 36-months of protection against swirls, harsh elements, hard-water spots, UV sun rays, and etc.

Paint Correction:

The process of restoring your vehicle’s paint to its greatest results and prepping the surface to be coated. Starting with a clay bar service to remove any previous protection and embedded contaminants. Followed up by buffing and polishing to remove any hard-water, swirls, and other paint imperfections. Removing all polish and oils from the surface is the final step before the coating is applied.

Carbon Flex C9:

A premium hard ceramic coating that can be applied to painted surfaces, glass, headlights, wheels, badges, and the vehicle’s trim. “Carbon Flex” meaning the product is flexible and self-leveling. Resulting in a 1-step application for the smooth glossy finish that all enthusiasts strive for! The “C9” is where this coating stands on the 1-10 hardness scale. 9 being high on the scale and not requiring any special lighting or steps to complicate the results of the application!

This is a hydro-phobic and anti-static product. Meaning water will run off the surface and dust will be repelled for better results between details! Once cured to the vehicle, the coating will provide 3-years of protection against the following:

  • Harsh Weather Elements
  • Hard-Water Marks (hydro-phobic)
  • Bird Droppings
  • Dust (anti-static)
  • Swirls
  • Tree Sap
  • UV-Rays & Heat Protection
  • Bugs, Dirt, or Mud

This service takes 2-3 days. 1-2 days of paint correction/application and 24-hours for the coating to cure to the surfaces. An interior wipe-down and vacuum will be included to complete your detail!


Proper maintenance is required to guarantee the 3 years of protection. This package includes soft-water to rinse, enhancing soap, and enhancing spray sealant. The hydro-phobic hard ceramic coating will leave the surface smooth enough to blow-dry. Requiring less towel usage and resulting in the safest detail! The anti-static formula will repel dust between details leaving your vehicle show ready.

3-Year Guarantee:

Exterior details are required at least once a week or bi-weekly for our guarantee. We provide all equipment and supplies to your location. Offering $10 off all mobile maintenance packages!